CRISP (Clinical Research Investigative Studies Program)

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Kohler Pavilion The CRISP program has been operating successfully for 4 years. Today, the program has enrolled over 6,000 subjects into a variety of studies. Research topics include access to health care, alternatives to ambulance transport, infectious disease, patient satisfaction with the ED Observation unit, and sepsis. Twelve EM faculty and residents have used CRISP to collect their research and the number has been continuing to grow, with collaborations in other departments and industry.

As a part of the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine, the Clinical Research Investigative Studies Program (CRISP) was formed to provide an environment for faculty and residents promoting prospective emergency medicine research based directly out of the OHSU Emergency Department. This program represents the research arm of the Department of Emergency Medicine at OHSU under the direction of Benjamin Sun, MD and is staffed by a full-time research coordinator, Kamil Narayan, with approximately 65 pre-medical volunteer students. The CRISP program exposes research volunteers to the world of research and clinical medicine as well as the opportunity to observe patient care by spending time collecting data and observing the unfettered rhythms of patient care in an urban Emergency Department. Prior to the advent of CRISP, a void existed for students seeking opportunities to investigate health care careers and/or participate in research-oriented activities.

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