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Spotlight: Craig D. Newgard, MD, MPH

Craig Newgard, Director of the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine

Craig D. Newgard, M.D., MPH
Director, Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine

OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine Associate Professor, Craig Newgard, MD, MPH, completed his three year term as a Physician Faculty Scholar program. Sponsored by the Robert Wood Foundation. The Physician Faculty Scholars program addresses the need for new, evidence-based strategies that will improve the quality of health services by providing junior faculty with mentoring, protected time, networking and the opportunity to gain valuable research experience. The program produces academic leaders who are creative and well-positioned to improve the nation's health care.

Only 15 Physicians per year are chosen for this distinguished program. The candidates are chosen by the program's national advisory committee (NAC) who reviews applications and invites selected applicants to present their research proposals to the committee. The NAC criteria includes the proposed research is creative, of high quality and feasible; evidence that the excellent clinical teacher; the nominating institution and its senior leadership are committed to supporting the candidate's academic career.

Dr. Newgard's Physician Faculty Scholars project was entitled "Improving Prehospital Trauma Triage: Generating a Cost-Effective and Resource-Efficient Mechanism for the Field Triage of Injured Persons." The project involved matching detailed prehospital records for injured persons to hospital-based trauma data sources and state discharge databases in 3 cities. This data will be used to develop a more resource-efficient prehospital trauma triage a lgorithm and to compare costs and the cost-effectiveness of different approaches to the prehospital triage of injured persons. Dr. Newgard hopes this project will provide policymakers and trauma systems with more resource- and cost-efficient options to consider for trauma triage, including the trade-offs involved with different strategies.

Since his selection in the program in 2007, Dr. Newgard has become the Director of OHSU's Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine and published numerous papers. In 2004, he was recipient of the Society of Academic Emergeny Medicine's Young Investigator Award. His research interests are in trauma, injury prevention, emergency medical services, and applied statistical methodology.

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