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Spotlight: Denise Langley, RN

Denise Langley, RN, BSN, CEN, CPEN
Nurse Manager, Pediatric ED

Denise Langley, Nurse Manager

Denise Langley is a born leader. She has pioneered the construction project and opening of the new Pediatric Emergency Department. Everyone who works with Denise loves her for her management style, approachability and willingness to get in and get her hands dirty when needed. She has a wealth of clinical knowledge that she is only too willing to share with anyone who asks.

In the ED, part of Denise's task was to bring together a team of Doctors, Nurses and CNAs to function collaboratively and to deliver the best possible care to our patients. Denise has worked hard to improve the old communication patterns between the Doctors, Nurses and CNAs in the Emergency department and as a result, the Pediatric ED is a highly desired place to work. Without her leadership, vision, and determination, I am not sure this project would have been as successful as it has been. She has moved the project successfully through the first 3 phases of construction with phase 4 schedule to be finished soon.

Denise is a great role model for nurses, both young and old, who are interested in Pediatric Emergency Nursing or leadership positions. Denise is one of only two Certified Pediatric Emergency nurses in Oregon and she was asked to help write questions for the Pediatric Emergency national certification exam. She has written articles in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, presented at the Emergency Nurses Association conference, and just recently had a presentation accepted for the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine's national conference on the first nurse initiated study on the use of Propofol in the Emergency Department.

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