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Benjamin Sun, MD
The Department of Emergency Medicine is pleased to welcome our newest faculty member, Benjamin Sun, MD. Dr. Sun joins the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine (CPR-EM) with research interests in emergency department crowding and health policy.
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K. John McConnell, Ph.D.
Dr. McConnell, a health economist, works closely with Oregon policy-makers, testifying to legislative committees and providing policy analyses. He is the Chief Economic Advisor to the Oregon Health Fund Board and a member of the Oregon Health Research and Evaluation Collaborative.
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Patrick H. Brunett, MD
Patrick H. Brunett, MD, Associate Professor, Residency Director, Department of Emergency Medicine was one of nine School of Medicine faculty members honored for outstanding contributions to the education mission in the School of Medicine 2010.
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Denise Foster, RN, MSN
Denise Foster, Director of the Emergency Department, is a nurse leader who motivates, empowers and inspires those around her to greater levels of achievement while maintaining a focus on quality patient care.
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Craig D. Newgard, M.D., MPH
Craig Newgard, MD recently completed his appointment as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Physician Faculty Scholar. Since his selection in the program in 2007, Dr. Newgard has become the Director of OHSU's Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine and published some 32 papers.
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Denise Langley, RN, BSN, CEN, CPEN
Selected as OHSU Nurse Leader of the Year in 2009, Denise is Nurse Manager in the Pediatric ED.
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