Medical Students

Reading Assignments


A copy of An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine: Guide for Practitioners in the Emergency Department, by Mahadevan & Garmel, will be checked out to you on orientation day.


During the next four weeks you are expected to read the following chapters:

  • Approach to the Emergency Patient: 1
  • Airway Management: 2
  • Cardiopulmonary and Cerebral Resuscitation: 3
  • Cardiac Dysrhythmias: 4
  • Shock: 5
  • Abdominal Pain: 9
  • Allergic Reactions and Anaphylactic Syndromes: 11
  • Altered Mental Status: 12
  • Chest Pain: 13
  • Extremety Trauma: 20
  • Fever in Children: 23
  • Shortness of Breath in Adults: 33
  • Shortness of Breath in Children: 34
  • Syncope: 35
  • Toxicologic Emergencies: 36
  • Wound Preparation: Appendix B
  • Laceration Repair: Appendix C

Written Exam

On the last Wednesday of your elective in Emergency Medicine, you will be tested on the above chapters. The exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.

Oral Exam

On the last Wednesday of your elective, you will have an oral exam. You will be exptected to manage 1 case based on the Wednesday lecture topics.