Medical Students

EMED 709K Clinical Ultrasound

Course Purpose Statement

This clinical course provides foundational skills in the use of ultrasonography to augment the physical examination. Basic ultrasonography skills for the assessment of normal anatomy and physiology will be learned and applied to the differentiation of normal from basic pathologic states commonly encountered in the primary care setting. Students will learn the limitations of ultrasonography and when further imaging is appropriate for the care of the patient. The goal of the course is to provide foundational skills in limited ultrasonography that can be further developed during residency training. The course will include didactic sessions, simulation modules, deliberate practice in the simulated and supervised clinical settings, and small group discussions. Concurrent and summary feedback will be provided by ultrasonographers, real time virtual performance assessment tools such as the SonoSim device, peers, residents, and faculty.

For further information about the course, contact Kimberly Regner, (503) 494-1587, or