Toxicology Fellowship

Curriculum - Didactic Teaching Schedule

Core Toxicology Sessions

In July and August of every year, the Fellows participate in our "Core Toxicology" lectures. During this time, we have no residents or students taking our rotation and the time is reserved specifically with the fellows. In the morning, our fellows and faculty round on in-patient toxicology consultations. In the afternoon, our Faculty give interactive or didactic sessions on core toxicology topics. This serves as an introduction for junior fellows and allows senior fellows to solidify their core knowledge base.

View the topics page for a full list of topics covered.

Wednesday Conference Day

On Wednesday afternoons, our Fellows and Faculty participate in our weekly toxicology conference.

On the first Wednesday of the month, we delve deep into "receptors and biochemistry" and review important receptor agonists/antagonists as well as topics such as "the electron transport chain".

On the second Wednesday, we review an 'Acute Care Toxicology' chapter from Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies. These topics are the core pharmaceuticals that clinical toxicologists encounter and are intended to cover all of the major pharmaceuticals in a 2 year period.

On the third Wednesday of the month (and the 5th Wednesday if there is one), we review a 'Core Occupational/Environmental Toxin' chapter from Sullivan and Krieger's Clinical Environmental Health and Toxic Exposures and from Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology (Greenberg, ed.). This is intended to allow the Fellow to cover all of the major occupational and environmental disorders in depth through the 24 month Fellowship.

On the fourth Wednesday of the month, we review a "Toxicologic Principles" chapter from Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies. This is intended to allow the fellow to look in-depth into the core toxicology principles over the 24 month fellowship.

View the topics page for a full list of topics covered.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

On the first Thursday of the month, our Fellows present at Toxicology Morbidity and Mortality Conference. Cases of death or severe toxicity are presented and reviewed.

Journal Club

We have a monthly Journal Club on recent and important articles/topics. Articles are chosen by the faculty and reviewed by faculty, fellows, residents, and students. Our journal clubs are recorded and available on our tox podcast website.

Research Meeting

On the 5th Wednesday of the month (4 times per year), we have a Research meeting from 2pm – 3pm where the division discusses research ideas, ongoing research, presentation of abstracts at meetings, and manuscript production.


On Tuesday mornings, the fellows and faculty participate in a multi-state teleconference. Clinical toxicologists from several states, including Oregon, Washington, and New Jersey, routinely participate and discuss cases from the week. This allows for in-depth discussions of common topics in clinical toxicology as well as laboratory toxicology.

National case conference

On the third Thursday of the month, our program participates on a national case conference where cases are discussed with toxicology programs throughout the country.

Journal Review

Twice a month, the fellows and faculty review recent and important published papers chosen by the Program Director. The purpose of this journal review is to keep all participants up to date on the literature and allow for discussion of topics not covered in the formal didactic curriculum.

Minor Tox Topics

We have compiled a list of "minor tox topics" which are all of the topics that are in the core curriculum, but not covered adequately in chapter reviews and formal didactics. These minor tox topics have been incorporated into the "disaster of the week", the "chemical couplet", and a group of slides that are regularly reviewed after chapter reviews. In this way, the toxicology program covers every topic in the core curriculum over a 2 year period.