Toxicology Fellowship

Applicant Information

How to Apply

We welcome prospective applicants to contact the Fellowship Director via email at Please include a copy of your CV in your correspondence.

Further information about the match can be found on the NRMP website.

Prior to interviewing, you will be required to send a letter of support from your Program Director as well as 2 additional letters of support. Prior to accepting a position, you will be required to show verification from your residency training and medical school.

Contact Information

Program Director:
Robert G. Hendrickson, MD
(503) 494-9495

Program Coordinator:
Kimberly Regner
(503) 494-1587


Applicants must be eligible for medical licensing in Oregon through:

Oregon Board of Medical Examiners
1500 SW. First Avenue, Suite 620
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 229-5770.

Please call them directly to discuss your eligibility for a license. A Limited License for resident rotations or first year trainees may be available.


Base salary for a medical toxicology fellow is based on post graduate year. Currently the PGY-4 salary is about $58,000 and PGY-5 is about $59,500. The medical toxicology fellows are required to work 5.3 hours per week (24 hours per month) and get clinical bonuses (average of about $12,000 / year for 3 shifts/month) as well as a potential profit sharing bonus at the end of the year. In addition to this, there is an academic bonus (average about $5000 / year) plus a $1700 merit award for presenting abstracts and publications, and $2500 in CME.

The total salary plus bonuses has averaged about $80,000 per year (plus CME, merit award, profit sharing, benefits) without additional ED shifts (doing 3 ED shifts per month). Additional ED shifts are available and are paid as overtime at approximately $100/hour with pay differential for evening, nights, and weekends. Clinical RVU-based bonuses are also paid on moonlighting shifts in the department.

With moonlighting ED shifts, the typical fellow has historically made approximately $110,000-130,000 per year while working about 6 shifts per month.


A comprehensive benefits program is available for fellows. This includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and flexible spending accounts. OHSU donates an additional percentage of the fellow's salary to a retirement account.