International Visitors



Participants will study and/or conduct research under the guidance of one of the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine physician faculty members. The program can range from weeks to months dependent on the individual participant and their educational interests. The basic structure consists of four training blocks, the duration of which is based on length of stay and tailored to the participants background and/or position.

The four blocks will be:

    1) an intense ED clinical block,
    2) an EMS systems block,
    3) a Medical Toxicology block, and
    4) an ED Operations Administrative block.

The participant will be assigned to the OHSU emergency department for exposure to clinical practice. The participant will observe clinical decision making skills as applied in these medical centers and will observe the application of informatics tools (e.g., computerized ED patient tracking system, digital radiology, electronic medical record) to clinical practice. Participants will attend all educational sessions with the DEM residents.

Outside the clinical setting, the participants will receive special training in ED administration, EMS systems administration, and medical toxicology as well as exposure to research activities within the division. Depending on length of stay the participant may take part in a research project in one of these knowledge areas under the supervision of his/her OHSU DEM advisor. Emphasis on these knowledge areas will prepare the participant for greater administrative responsibility in their host country. Participants will be encouraged to attend either the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Annual Meeting or the SAEM Western Regional Forum if their stay overlaps the appropriate time periods.

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