International Visitors

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Post-graduate Programs

OHSU offers post-graduate (specialist) training in Medical Toxicology, Research, Emergency Medical Services, Global Health and EM Education. Emergency Medicine faculty members also provide medical oversight for the majority of the regional EMS agencies providing out-of-hospital emergency care, including the regional air medical transport program. All International Visitors Program participants will rotate with the EMS faculty members and will participate in EMS activities.


OHSU has more than 25 Emergency Medicine Faculty members at the 2 core ED's. Many faculty members have received supplemental training in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Critical Care, Toxicology, EMS, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, and Research Methodology.


As noted above, participants will have the option of involvement in research if permitted by their length of stay and interests. If applicable, this would be appropriate to their current level of training with an administrative or clinical practice application relevant to emergency practice in the participant's native country. Assistance with literature searches, data acquisition and analysis will be provided by the OHSU DEM faculty advisor and other faculty members and support staff at OHSU.

Continued Compliance with Program Requirements

Continuation of the participant in the International Visitors Program for the full length of the initially established program is contingent upon the participant achieving satisfactory progress in the program, as monitored by the assigned International Visitors Program director.

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