Global Health Fellowship


The fellowship is designed to be a two-year fellowship through the department of Emergency Medicine.

  1. Educational:

    1. MPH curriculum – the Oregon MPH Program through OHSU and OSU -international track/classes; This will be covered by the department of EM
    2. Fellows will be supported to attend at least 1 academic meeting: ACEP, SAEM, ISTM, ASTMH, WMS, WADEM
    3. There will be an opportunity for a short diploma course in tropical medicine -Gorgas Course (Peru), Johns Hopkins Course or Bangkok Course in tropical disease
    4. Opportunity for disaster training course (Through OHSU: 4-5 days) and membership with the Oregon DMAT
  2. On Campus

    1. Clinical shifts (7 per month – more when in the country)
    2. Faculty meetings
    3. Present at least one grand rounds lecture
    4. Present at resident conference
    5. Curriculum development at OHSU
  3. Working Medical Trips:

    Multiple opportunities for trips to international locations through OHSU, NGO contacts, or the fellow’s individual contacts. The fellow will be responsible for coordinating his/her schedule with the DEM while away to ensure that the total minimum number of shifts are worked.
  4. Academic:

    1. Fellows are expected to help coordinate resident international rotations
    2. There will be several opportunities for original research and pulication during both on campus and oversease activities