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Matt Noble, M.D., receives Golden ROSE Award

Matt Noble, M.D.

Healthcare professionals at OHSU are dedicated to providing excellent care and service to every patient, every time. Whether you are calling to make an appointment or entrusting us with a surgical procedure, we want our delivery of care to always meet or exceed your expectations. The ROSE Award recognizes employees, students and volunteers who provide outstanding service beyond the normal scope of their jobs.

Nomination Text

Dr. Noble is an asset to the Emergency Department at OHSU and we thoroughly enjoy working with him. His commitment to medicine as well as his compassion is inspiring. He often does things that might initially seem trivial, but make a lasting impact on his patients as well as his colleagues. He takes time to listen to nurses and develops collegial relationships within the department. He treats each and every patient with respect and works hard to make a difference with this practice. He is always willing to step up and help no matter what the task. Recently I witnessed Dr. Noble make a big difference for a young family. On a particularly busy evening with 3-5 hour waits to see a physician, a new mother was sent from the NICU. This mother was holding vigil over her premature child, but had to come down to the ED to be treated for an allergic reaction to one of the agents used during her C-section. The patient was polite but visibly concerned about leaving her baby. Rather than making her wait 5 hours, Dr. Noble stepped up and saw her up in a triage room. The patient ended up having a complex medical history and required multiple phone calls to coordinate her care and provide her with the best treatment for her condition. Despite this, Dr. Noble did not shy away and make the patient wait for an ED room. He spent the time making the necessary phone calls and coordinating care so that she could return to her new family. His gesture meant a lot to this new family as well as the nurses in triage.

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Dr. Noble's Golden ROSE nomination reading Dr. Noble receives Golden ROSE Award

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