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Jon Jui, M.D., receives Golden ROSE Award

Jon Jui, M.D.

Healthcare professionals at OHSU are dedicated to providing excellent care and service to every patient, every time. Whether you are calling to make an appointment or entrusting us with a surgical procedure, we want our delivery of care to always meet or exceed your expectations. The ROSE Award recognizes employees, students and volunteers who provide outstanding service beyond the normal scope of their jobs.

Nomination Text

Dr. Jui is always great to work with, but he was especially great recently with a mental health patient who was agitated and experiencing auditory hallucinations. The patient was leery about providing clarifying information about his medical condition. Dr. Jui kneeled in front of the patient as he introduced himself and voiced that he needed to hear the patient's side of the story to advocate for admission to Psychiatry, knowing this was the patient's goal. Dr. Jui empathized with the patient, stating he heard him loud and clear and acknowledged that patient wasn't getting the care he needed at respite. From then on out, the patient was cooperative, polite, and felt more at ease because he knew we were on his side. Dr. Jui also stood out when the need for intercommunity infectious disease practices regarding Ebola and MERS were identified. He attended community meetings to coordinate the EMS and hospital response for potential patients, and developed care procedures that went beyond CDC recommendations. When the Portland Airport reported a potential case of Ebola on a flight inbound to PDX, Dr. Jui drove out to the airport on his day off to examine the patient and rule them in or out for potential disease, communicating the result to local EMS and hospitals.

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Dr. Jui's Golden ROSE nomination reading Dr. Jui receives Golden ROSE Award

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