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Portland Monthly's 2013 Top Docs

EM Top Docs of 2013
Every year, Portland Monthly magazine poses a question to the region's health professionals: if you or a loved one needed medical care, which doctor would you call?

A record 1,100 doctors and nurses responded this year and several of our Emergency Medicine doctors were amoung those stated to be "the best doctor or nurse for your needs, no matter what medical group or insurance you may have."

Featured Faculty


  • Mohamud Daya

    EMS Section Chief
    Global Health Fellowship Director

  • Daniel A. Handel

    Department Vice Chair
    Clinical Director

  • Robert G. Hendrickson

    Toxicology Fellowship Director
    Oregon Poison Center Associate Medical Director
    OHSU Emergency Preparedness Medical Director

  • Zane Horowitz

    Oregon Poison Center Medical Director

  • John Ma

    Department Chair

  • David Spiro

    Medical Director, Doernbecher Pediatric Emergency Department
    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section Chief
    Pediatric EM Fellowship Co-Director

  • Lalena M. Yarris

    Education Section Co-Chief
    Residency Program Director
    Education Fellowship Co-Director


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