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SAEM 2013 Annual Meeting

05/13/2013 - The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)'s 2013 Annual Meeting will be showcasing the very best of emergency medicine research and education this week in Atlanta, GA, May 14-18. This year's meeting will be representing the largest number of didactics, abstracts, and innovations ever submitted and presented in the history of SAEM! Whether you're new to the the field or a seasoned emergency medicine professional, this year's meeting should have something for everyone.

We will be providing updates on the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine related events at SAEM through our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Be sure to follow us to receive notifications of upcoming presentation times and locations.

We will also be releasing downloadable versions of the research posters as they're presented at the conference, so make sure to check back for updates if you're interested!


Department Related Schedule of Events

(All times are in Atlanta local time - EDT)

Wednesday, May 15

10-12 am

Radiology - Oral Presentation #55:
Test Characteristics of Quick-Brain MRI for Shunt Evaluation in Children: A New Modality to Avoid Unnecessary Radiation. Presenter: Matthew Hansen, MD (for Esther Yue, MD)
Location: Atlanta A

11-12 am

Geriatric Pain - Oral Presentation #100:
Are There Disparities in the Quality of Acute Pain Care for Geriatric Patients in the ED?
Presenter: Dan Handel, MD
Location: Atlanta G

1-2 pm

Learning Styles - Lightning Oral Presentation #127:
Development and Implementation of an Asynchronous Curriculum Utilizing a Web-based Platform.
Presenter: Josh Kornegay, MD
Location: Roswell 2

4-5 pm

Toxicology - Lightning Oral Presentation #293:
Coral Snake Envenomations 2001-2011: Antivenin Use and Outcomes
Presenter: Ben Hatten, MD
Location: Atlanta G

Trauma Resuscitation - Lightning Oral Presentation #281:
Predictive Value and Appropriate Ranges of Prehospital Physiologic Criteria for Identifying Seriously Injured Older Adults During Field Triage
Presenter: Derek Richardson, MD
Location: Atlanta C & D

Thursday, May 16

9-9:50 am

Didactics Session #31:
Harnessing the Emergency Medicine Perspective: Emphasizing Key Differences between Adult and Pediatric Chief Complaints to Enhance Resident Training in Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Presenter: Robert Cloutier, MD
Location: International C

10-11:20 am

Didactics Session #36:
Minimizing the Pain of Maximizing Pain Relief: Strategies For Emergency Physicians To Treat Pain Safely
Presenter: Robert Hendrickson, MD
Location: Plaza Ballroom B

12-1 pm

Prehospital CPR - Lightning Oral Presentation #520:
Concordance of Prehospital and Emergency Department Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation with Documented End-of-Life Choices in Oregon
Presenter: Derek Richardson, MD
Location: Roswell 2

5:30-7 pm - "Gallery of Excellence" poster session

Friday, May 17

8-9 am

Presentation #549:
ECG Predictors of 30-Day Cardiac Events After Syncope
Presenter: Benjamin Sun, MD
Location: Atlanta C & D

11-11:50 am

Didactics Session #53:
Emergency Department Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Presenter: Rachel Bengtzen, MD
Location: International D

2-3 pm

Abstract #763:
Association Between Emergency Department Operation Characteristics, Length of Stay, and Elopements by Change in ED Volumes.
Presenter: Dan Handel, MD
Location: Atlanta E & F

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