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2013 Annual Residency Education Awards

Every year the graduating Emergency Medicine residency class selects award recipients to honor at their graduation ceremony. The 2013 graduating class held their ceremony on June 28th at the Multnomah Athletic Club and presented awards that ranged from recognizing and honoring the best clinical educator, academic instructor, best community physician, nurses, resident advocate, best consultants in the ED, and several fun awards. The "Friday Night Special" is awarded to the faculty member that efficiently moves patients through the department and is a pleasure to see this person's name on the schedule when coming in for a shift. In addition, a faculty is awarded the "Black Cloud" award, which exemplifies the faculty who seems to have a streak of bad luck in the department on any given shift.

Faculty Awards

  • Faculty Clinician of the Year, OHSU Rob Hendrickson, MD
  • Faculty Clinician of the Year, VAMC Laurel Berge, MD
  • Academic Instructor of the Year, OHSU Matt Hansen, MD
  • Community Physician of the Year, Emanuel Justin Cook, MD
  • Nurse of the Year, OHSU Jacqueline Domenici, RN
  • Nurse of the Year, VAMC Sukey Lupton, RN
  • Resident Advocate Award Lainie Yarris, MD
  • Best Consultants in the ED Trauma/EGS
  • "Serving the City" Clinician Award Jon Jui, MD
  • "Friday Night Special" Award Ben Sun, MD
  • Black Cloud Award Jon Jui, MD

In addition, the faculty and students nominated several residents for the annual resident awards. The medical student educator award is selected by 4th year medical students who have completed the EM rotation and is awarded to the resident most dedicated to teaching and learning. The first annual Garth Meckler Pediatric EM Award goes to the resident who exemplifies excellence in the pediatric emergency department, and the Humanitarian Award is awarded to the graduating senior who is judged by his or her peers and faculty to best exemplify the humanistic qualities of an emergency medicine physician. This individual is recognized for his or her consistent expression of compassion, empathy, and respect toward patients and colleagues, demonstrating acumen and sensitivity to the needs of the individual, the institution, and society, while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

Resident Awards

  • Medical Student Educator Award Dan Hubbard, MD
  • Garth Meckler Pediatric EM Award Jenny Page, MD
  • Humanitarian Award Josh Kornegay, MD

All of the faculty and residents should be commended for making a positive impact on our education and residency program. We appreciate all of the ongoing support.

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