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'Bath Salts' - A Dangerous New Drug

Bath Salts have emerged as a popular new synthetic drug across the country, particularly in the south and midwest, with effects that have been marketed as similar to amphetamine and cocaine. The drugs often contain mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), two drugs that have led to hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and paranoia.

KGW Channel 8 News Story and commentary from Zane Horowitz, MD, Medical Director of Oregon's Poison Center

Reports in the Washington Post have said the drugs are sold legally in plant foods but are not being used according to the uses listed on the label. Marketed as "bath salts", a white powder, goes by White Lightning, Ivory Wave, Sunshine, Bliss, and a host of other names.

The emerging threat is so severe, it drew an official warning issued from Gil Kerlikowske, Director of National Drug Control Policy, on Feb. 1.

Now the Oregon Board of Pharmacy is considering a statewide ban of several related substances known collectively as "bath salts". The Willamette Week and News Channel, KGW in Portland recently covered this story, and interviewed Zane Horowitz, M.D., Oregon Poison Center Medical Director for commments.

Full story from Willamette Week

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