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Video Tips

Q: I have just been scheduled to appear on camera, what should I wear?

A: The most important rule to follow in selecting your on-camera outfit is to keep it simple, plain and low-key. Wear colors in the medium range: medium blue, green, maroon, wine pink, dark grey, purple, etc.

Q:  Where do I look when being interviewed on-camera?

A. When you are face-to-face with an interviewer, focus on the person asking the questions and not on the camera. When pausing to think, look down - not up. You don't want viewers to think you're rolling your eyes.

Q: I'm using slides in my Webcast. How do I make them show up clearly?

A. Slides can be hard to read on Webcasts. Some ways of alleviating the problem are to use 24pt or larger fonts, make text color a high contrast with the background color, use no more than five bulleted items per slide, leave plenty of white space, and always remember less is more.

Q. At our videoconference remote site, everyone can hear us when we cough or make any kind of sounds. This tends to disrupt the conference. What can we do to minimize the noise?

Before your videoconference, be sure to find out how to mute the microphone at your site. This cuts down the noise of rustling papers, people coughing, etc that can disrupt the experience for other sites. Unmute the microphone when you want to ask questions or interact.

Q. I have been asked to shoot some footage in our lab and then bring it to you for editing. Any tips on getting good footage?

Some tips are to use a tripod, avoid excessive panning or zooming, and hold your shots for at least 10 seconds, before you pan or go to another shot. Remember that you can always take a 10-second clip and make it a 2-second clip during editing, but you can't take a 2-second clip and make it into a 10-second clip.

Q. I going to give a software demo over a streaming broadcast. What is the best practice to make sure everyone can see it clearly?

When doing a demo or showing software over a webcast, try not to move too quickly. Often, a refresh takes sometime to complete based on the user's bandwidth. Plan on it taking about 5 seconds every time you change your screen for everyone to see the change.

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