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DCH Vey Conference Center
Reservations & Policy Use


The main purpose of the DCH Joseph Vey Conference Center is to serve the educational and meeting needs of Pediatric related activities at DCH and OHSU.

In order to meet Pediatric related needs, while recognizing the meeting and space requirements of other OHSU groups given the limited facilities available on campus, a policy will be followed to regulate the reservations and use of the DCH Conference Center.


1. Reservations for either the Conference Rooms or Auditorium will be taken for Pediatric related functions and meetings (including the DCH Foundation*) up to 12 months in advance of the meeting date .  This rule applies to both one-time and standing meeting arrangements.

2. Reservations for either the Conference Rooms or Auditorium will be taken for non-Pediatric related functions and meetings up to 3 months in advance of meeting date . 

Non-Pediatric standing meetings will be made on a trimester basis only as follows:

1) Reservations for January to March can be made beginning November 1st

2) Reservations for April to August can be made beginning February 1st

3) Reservations for September to December can be made beginning July 1st

3. One-time or standing meetings can be “bumped” by the DCH Foundation,

Pediatric academic events, or events hosted by the OHSU President ’s office.

4. Questions (other than reservation requests) about the Conference Center can be answered by contacting DCH Administration at 503-418-5195.


1. Room Availability can be checked via “Busy Search” as follows:

a. Go to GroupWise and click on the Tools Menu

b. Choose “Busy Search”

c .Click on Address Book

d. Type DCH, then scroll down until the correct location can be selected.


DCH 11600B  = GOUDY


e. Double click to select the room

f. Choose search date and number of days to search

g. Click “OK”

h. IMPORTANT: Send e-mail to Jennifer Haferbecker ( with your specific reservation request: include the title of the event along with the date, time and location once you have verified the room (s) are available.

*Note: The DCH Foundation is allowed to place holds on the calendar for the Conference Center for a two-week period only .  Holds will be canceled after two weeks if they are not renewed or confirmed by the Foundation.

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