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Media Conversion

Need a video duplicated or transfered to DVD? EdComm's media conversion services use the most advanced technology to make your video the best it can be. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of video technology has established us as experts at OHSU.

Video dvd transferMaster Formats


EdComm can take your video master and convert it to DVD copies*. We can also make multiple DVD copies from our transfer or from your DVD master. Here is how we can help:

Planning: We can help you plan your DVD project. You'll get expert advice on which type of DVD will work best based on the purpose, size, content and features you need.

Video Transfer: We can accept videos in Betacam, Mini-DV, DVCAM, SVHS, or VHS.

Mpeg-2 Encoding: We will take your digital assets and encode them into Mpeg-2 format. We provide the highest quality video allowed by either constant bit-rate or variable bit-rate encoding.

Interface Design: We can help you design menus including creating buttons, titles and employing still images or motion graphics to add a professional polish to your project.

Authoring: Here is where it all comes together. Based on your design needs we will provide your DVD with the interactivity of menus and special features.

Testing: Through every phase of authoring, testing is done on a virtual DVD player to assure a successful DVD.

Duplication & Replication: Your approved final disc image is then prepared for mass replication. We can copy a small batch run of DVD-R discs for immediate use or proceed to replication for mass production.


*Most, but not all DVDs will play DVD-R copies. Nearly all current production DVD players will play DVD-R copies.

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