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Immunize your course with Sakai!

Protection for you, Protection for your students


You can expect that students infected with the flu will need alternative solutions to completing their course work.   Flu season runs from the October through February when students, faculty and staff are at risk of exposure to a variety of flu strains including H1N1.  The Academic Technology department is poised to facilitate the “immunization” of your course by consulting with you to strategize online solutions including creating reusable learning objects and exploring alternative delivery methods.

Reusable learning objects include:

  1. Capture your lectures as they happen using a digital recorder

Digital voice recording allows you to record lectures, presentations, and/or class discussions.  Students can listen to the recorded content at any time online and play back the material more than once. 

Click here for a self help guide on how to use an mp3 recorder to capture in-class lectures

Do it once to teach it twice!

  1. Create Voiceover PowerPoint’s in advance using Adobe Presenter

Voiceover PowerPoint presentations allow instructors to enhance student comprehension by layering a lecture over a PowerPoint presentation.  Adobe Presenter allows you to publish the presentation as a Flash video that students can view and review online at their convenience. 

Click here for a self help guide on how to record voiceover PowerPoint Presentations

Don’t let your course call in sick

  1. Capture/broadcast your lecture using Acrobat Connect Pro Web Conferencing software

Consider using Adobe Connect if you are seeking visual and auditory connections with students that occur in “real time.”Adobe Connect allows instructors to communicate synchronously with students in various locations.  Students can listen to the instructor, view the same screen by means of screen sharing, and communicate with each other via the chat feature.  As an additional benefit, the session can be recorded and employed again as a reusable learning object. 

Click here for a self help guide on how to capture or broadcast your lecture with Acrobat Connect

  1. Use Sakai’s Test and Quizzes tool for content mastery check

Consider using Sakai’s Tests and Quizzes tool in place of or in addition to face to face assessments. The Tests and Quizzes tool allows instructors to assess their students’ understanding of material.  This can be done for a grade or informally as a self-check conducted by the student for his/her own benefit.  The “Quick Create” method allows for the quick and easy creation of an assessment by following a simple format. 

Click here for a self help guide on how to use test and quizzes “Quick Create” tool

“Back-up” your course with a Sakai course website
Don’t have a course website?  Consider using Sakai, OHSU’s online course management system.
This allows you to upload your syllabus, PowerPoints, lecture notes as well as your reusable learning objects.  Faculty Development Specialists in the Academic Technology Department are available for consultation. Check us out at: http://www.ohsu.edu/edcomm/academictech/


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