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Working with EdComm
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Working with EdComm

Educational Communications (EdComm) is charged with supporting the OHSU Mission of healing, teaching and discovery by promoting knowledge and learning through the use of advanced communication strategies and technologies.

EdComm provides the following services to the OHSU community:

Video Production: EdComm's team of producers and multimedia specialists assist doctors, clinicians, researchers, and staff to tell compelling stories by combining creative writing, videography, and editing.

Videoconferencing: EdComm provides interactive videoconferencing in support of distance learning, telemedicine and conferences for the OHSU community, enabling point-to-point or multipoint videoconferencing amongst campuses and sites across Oregon, the U.S. and the world at large.

Streaming Media: EdComm uses streaming media to disseminate health, science and education throughout the OHSU community. Streaming media allows 24/7 access to videos over the Web in labs, classrooms or anywhere with a network connection and computer with the appropriate software.

Podcasting: A podcast is audio or visual content that is automatically delivered over a network via free subscription. Once subscribed to, podcasts can be regularly distributed over the Internet or within OHSU's network and accessed with an iPod, laptop, or desktop computer (both Macs and PCs).

Media Conversion: EdComm can transfer, duplicate and convert your video master into a variety of formats and finished products.

Conference & Classroom Scheduling and Room Support: EdComm facilitates the scheduling and multimedia support of key rooms across OHSU to meet the needs of our customers.

Audio/Visual (A/V) Rentals: Educational aids such as projectors, screens, audio recorders, DVDs and VCRs can be procured for your instructional needs.

Event Support: OHSU departments often host large, complex and/or multi-day events that require the involvement of a variety of support services. EdComm can provide coordination and support for the multimedia services to ensure these communication needs are addressed.

Conference and Classroom Design Consulting: EdComm can work with you to outline functional requirements, review vendor proposals, monitor implementation, and participate in final multimedia equipment commissioning to ensure the final product meets customer expectations.

EdComm is available during the following times for facilitation of our services:

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm
Technical support: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 6:00pm

  • Call EdComm at 503-494-7722 or email edcomm1@ohsu.edu or page 10680
  • For multimedia / room support at the Center for Health and Healing, call 503-347-8125
  • EdComm will respond to initial inquiries for support
  • EdComm and customer will determine best path forward in meeting the support request
    • Resolution of support request may be fee-based

Requests for tech support on a routine basis for regularly-scheduled events or services can be negotiated between EdComm and the customer

Historically, Educational Communications has primarily supported the university mission of OHSU in providing multimedia services that can aid in the efficiency and effectiveness of classroom instruction of the students. Recently, other customers across OHSU have recognized the need for applying new technologies in providing service to their customers. To address these former and current needs, EdComm follows the prioritization scheme noted below for both our fee- and non-fee-based services:

  • Support for the Office of the President
  • Support for tuition-based, for-credit classes (SOM, SON, SOD, West Campus)
  • Support for other educational services
  • Support for other OHSU missions and departments and campuses
  • Support for non-OHSU entities sponsored by an OHSU department

EdComm reserves the right to make final decisions based on the nature of the request.

EdComm provides the services noted above for considerably less than what comparable non-OHSU vendors would charge. The department is committed to providing the best quality product for your budget in meeting your multimedia needs.

EdComm does not charge a fee for the following services:

  • Conference room and classroom scheduling and support of EdComm-managed rooms
  • Use, training and support for academic technologies services (currently Sakai)
  • Streaming media
    • streaming as an output of an EdComm-facilitated video production is free
    • hosting and distribution from OHSU servers is free
    • conversion of client-provided media to enable streaming, however, is fee-based)
  • Coming soon! Podcasting
    • hosting and distribution from Apple Computer servers is a free subscription service
    • conversion of media to enable podcasting, however, is fee-based)
  • Coming soon! Web Conferencing
    • (fees are still being established for this service; service scheduled to begin Jan. 1, 2008)
  • Formal training of videoconferencing to identified VCS Consultants
  • Initial consultation with customers on requirements for any of our services
    • A draft scope of work and/or confirmation may be delivered to our customers, based on the initial consultation, for customer review

EdComm charges a reasonable and competitive fee for the following services:

  • Video production services. This type of service includes:
    • Conference room and/or classroom videotaping that may include simple editing and delivery on the media of customer’s choice
    • Custom productions that may include scripting, copywriting, videography, complex editing and delivery on the media of customer’s choice
  • Videoconferencing. This type of service includes:
    • Facilitation of videoconferencing from an OHSU host location
    • On-call tech support for non-EdComm-facilitated videoconferencin
  • Media conversion and/or duplication, plus Media costs
    • Includes conversion of client-provided media to enable streaming, podcasting, etc.
  • A/V equipment rentals
  • Complex consulting and project management. This type of service includes:
    • Conference room and classroom design consulting
    • Multimedia equipment repair assessment
    • Event management and support

Costs are estimated by EdComm and agreed upon by the customer prior to the start of most of our services. Any additional requests or changes during the production process may increase these costs.

Each of our services has a request process, which may include the completion of a request form. Please refer to our service line Web pages for more information.

For most services, EdComm requires two (2) business days’ notice for canceling service requests and room reservations.

For larger events, particularly those that incorporate other EdComm-managed technical services such as videoconferencing or videotaping or streaming or VHS copies, four (4) business days is requested.

This provides EdComm sufficient time to adjust production and staffing schedules and better serve all our customers.

The following is what EdComm will provide to all of its customers in delivering its services:

  • Courteous and timely response to service request inquiries
  • Documented verification of each service request confirmation
  • Assignment of a staff member skilled and knowledgeable in that particular service(s)
  • Application of our core values (customer service, collaboration, coordination, communication) throughout our engagement with the customer
    • Clear expectations
    • Defined processes and follow-through
  • Ensure customer satisfaction of completed service
  • Post scheduled maintenance and/or downtime activities on the EdComm Web site

The following is what the customer is expected to provide when working with EdComm:


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