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Dotter Interventional Institute

Thanks, Charles

Charles Dotter lecturing at Karlovy Vary

Charles T. Dotter, M.D., fathered interventional radiology on June 10, 1963 at the Czech Radiological Congress in Karlovy Vary. As the Congress secretary, I had invited him for a 30 minute presentation. He accepted, but wrote me that a 30 minute talk would not be worth such a long transatlantic trip. He got one hour.

His presentation "Vascular catheterization and angiographic techniques of the future" lasted almost one and half hours (and he talked fast). It was the most exciting lecture I have ever heard. After Charles gave a complete overview of catheter angiography, he discussed new and future techniques including flow guided catheterization, catheter biopsy, and controlled exit catheterization.

At the end he presented the most adventurous technique, catheter endarterectomy. He finished with an historic conclusion which laid a foundation for interventional radiology; "The angiographic catheter can be more than a tool for passive means for diagnostic observation; used with imagination it can become an important surgical instrument." After this conclusion, more than 300 radiologists were on their feet applauding enthusiastically.

A few months later, on January 16, 1964, Charles performed the first percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of a stenotic femoral artery (Milestone Cases, Case 01).

Those two days, June 10, 1963 and January 16, 1964 changed forever the directions of vascular radiology, the lives of all interventional radiologists and the lives of many, many patients.

With thanks from all of us,
Josef Rösch