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Dotter Interventional Institute

Shenyang Conferences

Professor Xu Ke with Dr. F. Keller and Dr. J. Rösch

The Dotter Interventional Institute working with the First Hospital of China Medical University is organizing conferences on advances in interventional treatment of vascular diseases in Shenyang, China. They are sponsored by the Chinese Society of Interventional Radiology and supported by Cook Medical China. Professors Xu Ke and Frederick Keller are conference directors. Shenyang, home of China Medical University Hospital (CMUH), one of the top medical universities in China is the largest city in Northeastern China. It is an industrial and commercial center. The CMUH Radiology Department, under the leadership of Professor Xu Ke, has a new world class interventional center with many prominent interventionalists.

The First Shenyang Conference was held October 11-14, 2007. Dotter Institute representatives Drs. F. Keller, L. Machan, M. Razavi and J. Rösch together with prominent Chinese interventionalists presented and discussed multiple topics of interventional treatment of vascular diseases. These included vascular lesions of aorta, carotid, renal and peripheral arteries, large vein obstructions, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary arteriovenous fistulas and Budd-Chiari disease. Highlights of the conference included transmission of live cases by satellite from the CMUH to the conference site Convention Center. The first Shenyang Conference was a great success and enhanced cooperation between the Dotter Institute and Chinese interventional radiologists.

The Second Shenyang Conference was on June 10-12, 2010. Drs. F. Keller, J. Kaufman, D. Pavcnik, M. Razavi from the USA and J. Peregrin from the Czech Republic represented the Dotter Institute. The conference topics included treatment of aortic dissections, abdominal and intracranial aneurysms, carotid and renal obstructions, below-knee arterial disease, portal hypertension, deep venous disease, liver cancer and uterine fibroid embolization. Experimental interventional research was also discussed. Each topic was presented separately by both the Dotter and Chinese interventionalists. Prepared videos of pertinent cases were shown and discussed. Compared to live case transmissions, these videos allowed a greater in depth discussion of more cases.