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Dotter Interventional Institute

Industry Laboratory Practicums

Purpose: To provide intensive education about and direct experience with interventional devices and procedures for members of the medical device industry.

Goal: Enhance the understanding of interventional devices and procedures through focused didactics, discussion, and hands-on experience.

Description: Individualized didactic and hands-on educational program for members of the medical device industry. Attendees will receive high-level lectures with ample opportunity for questions and answers from Dotter Institute and Oregon Health & Science University clinical and research faculty, and selected guest faculty when appropriate. This can be coupled with hands-on experience deploying devices and performing procedures in the Institute procedure facilities supervised by the same faculty. Procedures will be performed in a variety of realistic models with fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance. All procedures will be conducted following standard institutional guidelines and radiation safety protocols.

Subject areas: Image-guided interventions of all organ systems and pathologies

Class Size: Maximum 12

Program Structure:

Each program will be customized to the devices, procedures, organs, and pathologies of interest. The course director will work closely with you to set an agenda of appropriate scope and duration. Attendees will be provided with relevant background materials that may include key articles, textbooks, and other course materials selected by the faculty. The didactic sessions will include background information, summaries of current data, specifics of procedural technique, interventional decision-making, case reviews, and question and answer sessions. During the hands-on practicum the attendees will perform procedures under the supervision of the faculty, gaining actual experience in deployment of devices under fluoroscopy and/or US guidance, assessing for immediate outcomes, and identifying and managing complications. Attendees will gain first-hand experience with the feel of devices and the challenges of eye-hand coordination in realistic conditions.

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