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Sheri Imai-Swiggart, B.S.

E-mail: imais@ohsu.edu Phone Number: (503) 494-3902

Since 1990, Sheri Imai-Swiggart has maintained a strong commitment to quality as the Institute's photographer. She provides photographic support to document research studies for use in scientific journals and books, digital slide presentations, poster exhibits, the Web and the Internet. In addition, she also manages the Institute's Web sites.

Imai-Swiggart is an active member of the BioCommunications Association, Inc. and previously held a two-year term as president of the Pacific Northwest Chapter. She is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

In her free time, Imai-Swiggart enjoys painting, learning to play the ukulele and guitar and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband.