Ionizing Radiation

General Information

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Apr 2011

NIEHS Response Training Tool: Controlling Hazards During the Earthquake and Tsunami Response (PDF)

This training tool is an awareness-level health and safety resource for U.S. responders (including USAR, medical personnel, rad-techs and military personnel) who may participate in 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami response.

Mar 2011

NIOSH Workplace Safety & Health Topics: Radiation Dispersal from Japan

This page provides information to help workers, employers, and occupational health professionals stay informed about ongoing Federal activities to address the release of airborne contamination from the damaged Japanese power plant. The page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Mar 2007

US Department of Health and Human Services: Radiation Event Medical Management

This site provides guidance on diagnosis and treatment for health care providers for radiation events and exposures.

May 2006

RadTown USA

Explore this interactive, virtual community of houses, schools, laser light shows, construction equipment, flying planes, and moving trains. Each place in RadTown helps you learn about radiation sources or radiation-treated items you might find there.

Jul 2005

Radiation Emergencies

CDC would play a key role in protecting the public health during and after an emergency involving radiation or radioactive materials. To help people be prepared for a radiation emergency, CDC has the following information.

Jul 2005

Radiation Protection Services

Many of your questions related to radiation and radiation protection may be found on this site.

Jul 2005

The Radiation Information Network

This site contains information about Radiation and the professions of Radiation Protection and is maintained for use by anyone interested in radiation. All material present at this web site has been reviewed and is believed to represent the current consensus of the facts on radiation and radiation protection.

(The Radiation Information Network)
Jul 2005

EPA Radiation Protection Home Page

EPA is the primary federal agency for protecting people and the environment from harmful and avoidable exposure to radiation. The page provides access to news, information, topics and programs on radiation protection.

Jul 2005

Radiation, People and the Environment

The book Radiation, People and the Environment provides a comprehensive look at this form of radiation, called ionizing radiation. Produced by the IAEA in close co-operation with the UK National Radiological Protection Board, the book provides a broad overview on the subject of ionizing radiation, its effects and uses, as well as the measures in place to ensure it can be used safely.

Jul 2005

Ionizing Radiation Home Page - World Health Organization

The Radiation and Environmental Health Program within the WHO’s Sustainable and Development and Healthy Environments Cluster, evaluates health risks and public health issues related to environmental and occupational radiation exposure.

Jul 2005

Fact Sheet - Radiation in Everyday Life

IAEA fact sheets, flyers, and FAQs offer snapshots of the Agency's work, and topical overviews in fields of safety and security, safeguards and verification, and science and technology.