Workplace Violence

General Information

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Jan 2015

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying is usually seen as acts or verbal comments that could 'mentally' hurt or isolate a person in the workplace.

Oct 2013

WorkSafe BC: Bullying and Harassment

Welcome to the Safety at Work centre for bullying and harassment in the workplace. This site provides information about preventing and addressing bullying and harassment in the workplace.

(WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)
Jan 2013

Dealing With A Hostile Employee: Avoiding Workplace Violence (PDF)

This article, written by Mark A. Lies, is published in Professional Safety, the journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers

Sep 2011

Workplace Violence website

This Workplace Violence website provides information on the extent of violence in the workplace, assessing the hazards in different settings and developing workplace violence prevention plans for individual worksites.

Jul 2011

NIOSH Science Blog: Horrible Bosses - Workplace violence in the real world

This month's NIOSH science blog speaks to real workplace violence issues.

Sep 2005

Workplace Violence Prevention – Washington L&I Topic Page

This site includes access to information on WISHA regulation and policy for workplace violence and resources to help develop a workplace violence prevention program.

(Washington Department of Labor and Industries)
Sep 2005

OSHA Fact Sheet on Workplace Violence (PDF)

This two-page fact sheet addresses how employers and employees can protect themselves from workplace violence.

Sep 2005

CCOHS Answers: What is Workplace Violence?

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety provides answers to questions about workplace violence including: what is workplace violence; what work-related factors increase the risk of violence; how do I know if my workplace is at risk and more.

Jan 2003

OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Workplace Violence

Workplace violence has emerged as an important safety and health issue in today's workplace. Its most extreme form, homicide, is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States.

Dec 2002

Violence in the Workplace: Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies

This Current Intelligence Bulletin reviews what is known about fatal and nonfatal violence in the workplace, defines research gaps, and recommends general approaches to workplace violence prevention. The document also summarizes issues that need to be addressed when dealing with workplace violence in various settings such as offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, convenience stores, and taxicabs.

Dec 2002

NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Occupational Violence

As an integral part of a broad-based initiative to reduce the incidence of occupational violence in this country, NIOSH conducts, funds, and publishes research on risk factors and prevention strategies related to workplace violence. This site contains information on NIOSH research as well as links to external research programs, statistical reports, and public and private initiatives to address the problems of workplace violence.