General Resources

Date Added Resource Source
Jun 2012

National Toxicology Program: Health Effects of Low-level Lead Evaluation


This site provides access to the NTP Montograph on Health Effects of Low-level Lead and Peer Review of the Draft NTP Monograph on the same topic.

Oct 2004

OR-OSHA Subject Index: Lead

(Oregon OSHA)
Mar 2003

Oregon Work-Related Lead Poisoning


This is a resource designed to provide a wide variety of users with current and accurate information on a wide range of lead-related issues. The Oregon Health Services' Lead-Based Paint program also publishes a list of firms certified and licensed to provide professional lead-based paint services in Oregon.

Dec 2002

MEDLINE Plus - Lead Poisoning


Comprehensive listing of links addressing the topic of lead poisoning.

Dec 2002

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Lead Topic Page


This website, provided by the EPA, provides extensive resources on hazards related to lead, renovation information for contractors and families, and more.

Nov 2002

OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Lead


Overexposure to lead is one of the most common overexposures found in industry. Lead overexposure is a leading cause of workplace illness. Therefore, OSHA has established the reduction of lead exposure to be a high strategic priority. OSHA's five year strategic plan sets a performance goal of a 15% reduction in the average severity of lead exposure or employee blood lead levels in selected industries and workplaces.