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Environmentally Preferable Products

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Oct 2009

Design for the Environment (DfE): Formulator Partners and Recognized Products


The following is a list of all partners and products recognized under the DfE Formulator Program. DfE commends these companies for their leadership in designing products that are good for their business and for the environment.

Oct 2006

Cleaner Solutions Database


This database provides information on solutions for solvent substitution as developed by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Feb 2006

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: Carpet Resources


Link to environmentally preferable carpet cleaning resources.

Feb 2006

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: Cleaning


Proper sanitation and cleaning are important for a healthy building environment. Some cleaning products, however, can contain harmful chemicals that contaminate the environment and endanger human health. Implementing "green cleaning" practices can reduce these health, safety, and environmental risks.