Education Services Update Jan. 2nd, 2014


Greetings from the Education Services Dept.   I hope that everyone had a wonderful and rejuvenating holiday.   Below are a few announcements and updates.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or comments.

1.  Welcome to Pattie Turrentine,  SON Media Specialist: We’re thrilled to announce that Pattie Turrentine has joined the Education Services team to provide instructional technology support.    Pattie served as the Media/Audiovisual Coordinator for Providence Health and Services for thirteen years.   She has extensive expertise in media production as well as designing, implementing and supporting audio visual systems.    Pattie will support our classroom technology as well as Adobe Connect, video conferencing and the development of digital media for instruction.   Pattie’s first day will be Monday, Jan. 6th.  We will be visiting various meetings over the next couple of weeks so that you can meet her.   Her contact info. will follow shortly.

2. Teaching Knowledge Course, New Offering:  The results of the pilot offering were very positive, with more than 80% of faculty completing the course indicating that the course met their learning needs.  ” The biggest strength is that the content was immediately applicable to my teaching practice. I was able to incorporate several of the suggestions in to my current course load, and plan to use more of them next term. Having an interactive platform to reflect on my teaching practice was valuable.”  The course consists of four interactive modules, which can be completed at your pace (asynchronously).   The four modules include: 1.  Lecturing I, 2.  Lecturing II, 3. Understanding the Principles of Course Design, 4.  Making the Most of Discussion.

We will be offering this course again during winter term.   The course will run from Friday, January 10th until Friday, March 14th.   Beginning this quarter, there will be a registration fee of $100.   The first ten faculty to register will receive a full scholarship to participate.   We will also be offering the course to our OCNE partner schools.   Upon completion, faculty will receive 32 CEU’s.  If there is a group of faculty (on any campus), who would like to participate in the course in a hybrid model, with synchronous “live” instruction, please let me know.   We would need at least five faculty to participate in a hybrid cohort.   The deadline to register for the winter term offering is Thursday,  Jan. 9th.    To register, please complete this simple form.

3.  Faculty Workshops:  The Teaching and Learning Center has worked with SON to develop two faculty workshops.   The first “Enhancing Teaching” focuses on planning for instruction.  The second workshop “Flipped Learning” addresses the underlying principles which guide planning for instruction when faculty desire to “flip” the classroom.   We examine a theory for organizing instruction, as well as various models and tools for implementation.    So far, I’ve facilitated these workshops for undergrad. faculty in Portland,  Ashland and La Grande, as well as the FNP group here.   If there is a group of faculty any where in Oregon that would like to schedule one of these workshops,  please let me know.    I’m also available for consultation and observation/feedback/coaching for faculty on all of our campuses.

4.  Teaching and Learning Blog:  Check out the new blog posts!

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5. The Teaching Professor, New Issues:  If you have a moment, there are two recent issues of the Teaching Professor available.     “Seven Important Factors in Program Assessment” in the December Issue, and “Clarifying Our Understanding of Constructivism” are particularly relevant.    Please let me know if you need the directions for accessing the journal.   The directions were also sent as an attachment to the update email message.

6.   SON Teaching and Learning Committee Update:  The Teaching and Learning Committee is currently working on guidelines for syllabus development and a process for peer review of courses (quality improvement).   We’ll meet again later this month and will send out an update on our works in progress.   The committee is facilitated by Kathie Lasater and myself.   Members include: Linda Felver, James Heller, Corey Nagel, Linda Veltri,  Rhonda Vander Sluis,  Ann Nielsen,  KellyAnn Arthe, Katrina Dielman and  Cindy Perry.

Best Wishes,

Scott Christian
Interim Director of Education Services,
Assistant Professor,  OHSU School of Nursing
503-494-2525 office

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