Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Blog!  In addition to the OHSU Teaching and Learning Center Team, our blog features posts by and about OHSU faculty as well as best practice and innovation in teaching.  The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) supports excellence in instruction at OHSU by helping faculty implement evidence-based best practices that maximize a student’s academic potential.

To promote excellence in teaching, the OHSU TLC seeks to:

  • develop and improve teaching skills that can be observed and measured
  • encourage a view of teaching as a serious form of scholarship and important intellectual endeavor
  • cultivate an institutional climate that values, rewards, and renews teaching excellence
  • promote integration of new ideas and effective pedagogy into courses, programs, and curricula

If you have a connection or suggestion to share with the T&L bloggers, please comment on a recent post.

Purpose of our blog – The purpose of this blog is to increase our engagement with our professional academic community throughout Oregon, and beyond.  There are fantastic, innovative faculty at OHSU who are blazing new ground in the world of digital education as well as in clinical and classroom settings.   We are excited about participating in the public discourse around the future of education.

Participation Guidelines

As Oregon’s only academic health center, we have lots of knowledge to offer. But social media is about sharing—it’s a conversation between you, your friends and family, and the doctors, nurses, students and scientists here at OHSU. We want to hear your comments and experiences: your stories will make this conversation richer for all of us.

Please be respectful of others in your comments and be aware that anything you post online—here or elsewhere on social media sites—can be read by anyone with internet access, even many years from now.

OHSU is a learning organization, so we also analyze information on the blogs to see what we can do better—what kind of information is most helpful or interesting for community members, or if there are ways we can improve the health services we provide. That’s part of our job as an academic health center, so please remember that as you comment or share stories.

Although we’re not responsible for the content of your comments, we try to make sure that comment threads are constructive for all users. To ensure that, we may edit comments for content, delete offensive comments and attacks, block offensive contributors and delete spam or suspected spam.

And remember: though the information we share online is about health, your health situation is unique—so don’t treat anything you read here as medical advice or as creating a patient-­‐provider relationship. If you have a medical issue that requires advice or treatment, please contact your doctor— at OHSU or elsewhere—so you can be sure to have a confidential conversation about your health.

That’s the plain version; the short legal version is this: The opinions expressed on this site are the personal opinions of the original author(s), not OHSU, and the content is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by OHSU or any other party. For a full disclaimer with all the legal terms, see the OHSU Disclaimer.

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