OHSU School of Nursing Faculty and Students Present Innovative Practice at the Teaching, Learning and Technology Symposium


The Oregon Academic technology Society (OAtS), in partnership with OHSU hosted the “Teachers Without Borders: Navigating Digital Pedagogy” conference at the OHSU School of Nursing building on Friday, Oct. 18th.  174 K-20 teachers, faculty, administrators and students discussed the complexity of teaching and learning in digital contexts.   28 OHSU faculty attended the event, which featured keynote speaker Alec Couros.  His opening address “Identity, Networks and Connected Learning” covered a wide range of opportunities for faculty and students to engage in the digital community through collaborative learning projects and to draw on the expertise of the global community.  You can read about Alec’s work on his blog: “Open Thinking: Rants and Resources from an Open Educator.”    You can also access the slides from his keynote presentation here.

Three OHSU School of Nursing facultypresented during the concurrent sessions.   These sessions were well attended and well received by the diverse audience at the conference.  Dr. Linda Felver (left), presented with students Tara Beatty and Heather Lapides.   This session “Online Art Galleries to Promote Deep Learning” examined how online art galleries where students generate “Questions for Thought” and submit original digital work, enables students to learn at a deep level.    The session featured examples from the Art Galleries, including digital media created by Tara and Heather, submitted as part of their Pharmacology course.   Heather Lapides provides the student  perspective on the Online Art Galleries, (above right).

Rhonda VanderSluis and student Elizabeth Franke (below) demonstrated strategies for “Flipped Classrooms in the Nursing Context.”    Participants  in this session examined and participated in the online discussion forums, “tickets to class” and active learning strategies that comprise this innovative teaching practice.

School of Nursing faculty Isabelle Soule (below) presented with Kathie Forney, an instructional designer with the OHSU Teaching and Learning Center.  Their session “Unfolding Case Studies” presented a methodology for planning and building interactive case studies to provide examples of health care situations and to give students an opportunity to identify, assess, and respond to client and nursing concerns in a variety of situations.    Note:  Kathie uses Articulate Storyline to build the interactive case studies which are presented to students through Sakai, the OHSU learning management system.

This was the first year for OHSU to host the OAtS conference.   Due to the increasing interest and demand for quality professional development opportunities in this area, we hope to grow the event for next year.   Below is a comment from the online conference evaluation survey.

I am new nursing faculty from rural Eastern Oregon. This day was transformational for me. The presenters whose sessions I attended are leaders in their fields, and it was so exciting to hear them think out loud about how they were innovating in their teaching methodologies. Some of them also brought students with them who described what it was like to learn with the new methods. I was able to speak with these educators and students as well, and I made connections that will continue to pay off in such a big way. The whole thing was fabulous.  Thank you!!

Photos by Christi Richardson, School of Nursing Web and Communications Specialist

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