Let’s Get Real! OHSU School of Nursing Students Share Population-based Projects

Students in the Accelerated Baccalaureate program at the OHSU School of Nursing this summer conducted population-based projects.  The purpose of this “real world” activity is to apply their knowledge of population-based analytic assessment skills and to apply their knowledge of communities as clients.  In collaboration with community members in their clinical groups, students prioritized the community health needs and identified and implemented interventions related to the health of the communities within the population of focus.   For the culminating activity, students presented their work to the OHSU community through an exhibition of displays featuring their work at the School of Nursing building this week.

Gillian Meyers, Launa Rae Mathews (Clinical Coordinator) and Jeremy Goodwin in front of their display on “Healthy Cooking for One.”

Anna Keene-Winsor and Kelsey Mattsen display their work on “Terminal Illness and Anxiety.”

These projects embody the OHSU School of Nursing mission: To provide leadership in nursing and health care through thoughtful innovation in healing, teaching and discovery.   Students in Population-based Nursing are not only learning about the skills and knowledge necessary to become a nurse, they are applying their learning in “real world” contexts.  

The Population-based Nursing course is a collaborative effort.   The instructional team for the summer term includes; Kathie Lasater, Course Coordinator, EdD, RN, ANEF; Launa Rae Mathews, Clinical Coordinator, MS, RN, COHN-S; Ann Beckett, PhD, RN,  Jane Hagan, MN, RN;  Teral Gerlt, MS, RN, WHCNP-E;  Anne Heenan, DNP-PHN, FNP-C  and Mary Clark, MPH, RN.







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  1. It’s terrific to see examples of how our students are connecting with real challenges to improve health and health care.

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