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OHSU School of Nursing Faculty Participate in the “Online Teaching and Learning” Mini-Course

This summer OHSU School of Nursing faculty participated in an online professional development course.  The “Online Teaching and Learning” course was designed for faculty who teach online.   This mini-course employed a practical, hands-on approach to demonstrate both synchronous and asynchronous tools and techniques for effective online teaching and learning.  The course provided participants with the opportunity to apply theories and techniques learned, to collaborate with colleagues to develop a reusable learning object suitable for online … Read More

Let’s Get Real! OHSU School of Nursing Students Share Population-based Projects

Students in the Accelerated Baccalaureate program at the OHSU School of Nursing this summer conducted population-based projects.  The purpose of this “real world” activity is to apply their knowledge of population-based analytic assessment skills and to apply their knowledge of communities as clients.  In collaboration with community members in their clinical groups, students prioritized the community health needs and identified and implemented interventions related to the health of the communities within the population of focus.   … Read More

Can’t Stand PowerPoint? . . . Reconsider

I know a lot of people can’t stand PowerPoint. Hey, I agree. You don’t have to convince me. But here’s the thing – most users underutilize its features. That’s right. While most PowerPoint users can add text, images, and video, many are unaware that that they can also edit graphics, and create illustrations, videos and online training. Sound interesting? Well, keep reading. Tom Kuhlmann, a PowerPoint super user and author of the blog Rapid E-Learning, … Read More