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Assignments, Assessments, and Academic Integrity

As I work with faculty to expand their use of Sakai to include the Tests & Quizzes tool, there are inevitably questions around assignments, assessments, and academic honesty. “I’m used to giving tests in a classroom – is there any way to manage/monitor students taking online tests?” The Tests & Quizzes feature in Sakai allows instructors to create a variety of question formats, including multiple choice, true/false, matching, and short answer; create a question pool … Read More

Enhance your online student group projects with Wikispaces pilot

The Teaching and Learning Center has begun piloting a much enhanced Wiki tool called Wikispaces in Sakai sites.  Wiki tools are group collaboration websites that allow everyone in the group to add, change, rearrange or delete web content using their web browser.  Of course, the most famous example of a Wiki site is, a massive encyclopedia that anyone on the Internet can contribute to.  Wikis aim to make group collaboration on documents and web-based … Read More