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Nelson Family Case Scenario – Produced by the Teaching and Learning Center in conjunction with the OHSU School of Nursing

As a Faculty Development Specialist with OHSU’s Teaching and Learning Center, my interest is in designing educational media. This type of media development includes graphics, video, and interactive multimedia for use in the classroom and online.

I was introduced to the concept of multimedia in 1990 when I developed my first HyperCard stack. Based on the metaphor of “virtual index cards”, each card in a HyperCard stack was programmed using HyperTalk. A typical HyperCard stack included a common background, interactive objects, text fields, check boxes, buttons, and clickable images. By interacting with these clickable elements on a card, users could jump randomly to various cards in a HyperCard stack based upon their selection or input.

Since HyperCard’s introduction over 25 years ago, applications for creating interactive multimedia have matured. Today, authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline provide multimedia developers with a rich array tools that are easy to master and require no programming skills.

While Captivate and Storyline are both excellent applications, my personal preference is Storyline. Why? Well it’s because Storyline’s user interface is very similar to PowerPoint’s. So being familiar with PowerPoint, learning Storyline was a breeze.

Supported by an active development community, Storyline is intuitive and easy to use. You can develop e-learning tutorials quickly by importing your PowerPoint content directly into Storyline, then enhancing your instruction using pre-programmed drag and drop interactions, quizzing options, and branching features.

To learn more about Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center Toll Free at (877) 972-5249 or download the 30-day free trial of both Storyline and Captivate and get started exploring both these applications today.

Articulate Storyline Demos & Examples
Adobe Captivate Showcase

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