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Articulate Storyline

As a Faculty Development Specialist with OHSU’s Teaching and Learning Center, my interest is in designing educational media. This type of media development includes graphics, video, and interactive multimedia for use in the classroom and online. I was introduced to the concept of multimedia in 1990 when I developed my first HyperCard stack. Based on the metaphor of “virtual index cards”, each card in a HyperCard stack was programmed using HyperTalk. A typical HyperCard stack … Read More

Quick and easy recordings with Camtasia Relay

Tired of spending hours recording voiceover PowerPoint lectures for your students? Worried your students just aren’t “getting it” and not sure your written explanations are getting through? Wondering how you’re going to give feedback to students on their projects? Not sure you’re making the connection in a distance course? The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is offering a service that can help. Camtasia Relay is now available to all faculty. It will record anything on … Read More