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Increasing presence and inspiring collaboration with the new Virtual Meetings tool in Sakai

Students can now collaborate online through the Teaching and Learning Center’s (TLC) new Virtual Meetings tool. Fully integrated into Sakai course sites, it’s easy, reliable, fast and just in time!  It provides a more interactive experience with greater immediacy.  Originally called “Big Blue button”, this tool was developed by a group of engineering students at Ottawa-based Carelton University. The TLC recently adopted it and named it “Virtual Meetings” to better describe its functionality to Sakai … Read More

Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence and TLC partner to create online learning modules

“My participation in the Gerontological Nursing Scholars program will translate to an improved ability for me to impart to students and colleagues and clients more and better information about the graying of our society and the challenges and opportunities for culture change that accompany this shift.” – Barb Enos, MN, RN‐BC As the nation’s population of older adults grows, it is has become increasingly important to educate more nurses in gerontology. With this aim, the … Read More