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Professionalism in teaching

On Friday, November 16th, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop sponsored by the OHSU Graduate School of Medicine called: “Professionalism in Medical Training: How We Can Challenge the Hidden Curriculum.”  The session was facilitated by Karen Adams, MD, Andrea Cedfeldt, MD and Josh Kornegay, MD.  Not only did the content and activities of the workshop engage participants in a thoughtful consideration of issues related to professionalism, the facilitators also “walked the talk” by facilitating … Read More

Teaching highlight: Not just another deck of slides!

On Wednesday, December 19th, I was invited to observe Esther Yue, MD teaching a session on “Pediatric GU Trauma.”  This observation was part of the Education Scholar’s Program directed by Lainie Yarris, MD.    The purpose of the program is: “to provide early career education scholars with training in education theory and methods, and impart a skill set that will allow them to build a successful career upon the scholarship of teaching in academic medicine. “  As … Read More