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  1. I second Bob’s comment – WOW! So inspiring. Congratulations!


  3. Wow! Inspiring!

  4. Congratulations Cymon.


  6. I find so much hope in your post. And it is so encouraging. I am a pre med student and beginning to look at medical schools. I have a 2 year old son and have been ambushed by negativity and “you can’t be a parent and become a doctor”. I am glad to know that there are others in the same position as me and are thriving! Congratulations and good luck.

  7. I think everyone had really enjoyed the event.

  8. great article, wish I had heard about the lu’au event!

  9. I’m so sad I couldn’t make it! As a fellow Islander, this sort of effort means a lot! Kudos!

  10. Hey Adalie, I just read your article “Tiger blood” and I thought it was incredibly well written. I help run a blog at – if you would ever want to guest post just let me know! I would be more than happy to share any content that you produce in the future.

  11. Nicely said David. Students taking part in directing their own education should be part of the new model for graduate education.

  12. Excited for your defense, which I know is just around the corner! :)

  13. Timely advice David given the current state of our country.

  14. This is lovely and so true for those in my office and for me. Thank you for your thoughtful writing and for sharing it.

  15. Beautifully and intelligently written!

  16. Hi Shelley,
    I am very interested in applying to OHSU PA Program. I have a few questions and was hoping to reach out to a current student currently in the program.

    Thanks so much for your time,
    Sonja M. Ray M.T. ( ASCP)

  17. Shout out to all who work in hospitals. Challenging environments but full of caring people.

  18. David
    It is very refreshing to see a young person with so much enthusiasm for the quest for knowledge!!! keep up the good work!

  19. Liked finding out more about you! I usually only see you once a year during poster season!

  20. Whoa. Great post. Insightful post. Your message to avoid reducing people to a collection of symptoms is well taken.

  21. Great bit of writing. The “steady center” you describe is really what an education is all about. The science and fact is just the route to get you there. You’re going to be a great PA.

  22. Love the List Kayly!

  23. Kayly, you are an inspiration!

  24. Kelsey-Jo, this is fabulous! The depth of insight that you are able to share from your experience, truly gives others the ability to learn WITH you. Thank you, thank you, for helping us all be the nurses we want to be!

  25. Bless you for the insight! I am the manager of Swindells and I could not have put it so eloquently….these are truly the “lost” Portlanders and it is wonderful when we KNOW we have touched someones life.

  26. Kelsey Jo you continue to rock my world with your compassion and understanding. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. You will touch and change many lives just by giving a little of yourself each time.

  27. Read the article you posted back in October 2015 about making the decision to pursue the surgical residency with the most difficult name to spell (Otolaryngology), and I was just wondering if you got it? Thank you so much, and cheers from a pre-med student from California who’s very passionate about ENT.

  28. Hi Lauren. I am interested in applying to OHSU and have a few questions. I’m reaching out to you as I am a lab owner as well! Please email me if you get a moment. I would appreciate your guidance!

    Sonja Ray

  29. Man, you’re good. Thanks for sharing!

  30. You have such a beautiful way of describing emotions and personal growth with what could otherwise be mere words. Great essay on the journey!

  31. Nice write-up there. Kudos!!

  32. Yay! Congrats Anthony!

    So happy to see you leap from the depths of Cal Poly’s library, through PA school, to that slightly longer white coat!

    28 y/o success and wonderful human!

    Buena suerte!

  33. Good luck…it’s a tough job market in Oregon!! I know exactly where you live in the Bay Area!! Having a sense of humor will get you far in life.

  34. Inspiring, thank you!

  35. Beautifully said!

  36. Such a great writer! I have enjoyed every one of your postings and hope you continue to use your talents as a writer into your new career as a Physician Assistant. Can’t wait to see your trajectory! Congratulations, Anthony – and well done.

  37. Superb! Congratulations, Anthony! You are going to be an awesome physician assistant.

  38. I think the USA has been conditioned to believe that alternative medicines are “less than” when this could not be further than the truth. A holistic approach can save lives and improve quality of living as well. When we listen to our patients and act as partners with them and their families, everyone wins. Thank you for sharing such a great experience!

  39. I am so happy to hear about educational initiatives. Patient education is the best way for individuals and family members to advocate for themselves and make the right decisions for their health. How exciting to be invited to the White House!

  40. I am from India and Thailand is just a few hours flight away from here but I never got a chance to fly to Thailand. I have heard a lot about it from my friends and colleagues.

    I hope I will visit their one day. Thanks Bono for sharing your experience with us

  41. Hi Joseph! I am also from Las Cruces, NM. May I email you as well?

  42. Roheet,
    Just as medical knowledge is always advancing and we strive to teach you the skills of lifelong learning, the practice of medicine and what it means to be part of a medical team is also in constant evolution. It is wonderful to hear that your OHSU education helped prepare you to think about how partner with your patients, meet them where they are at, and focus on defining shared goals. It is even more exciting to see that you (and many of your peers) are already stepping into leadership roles that will help define the state of healthcare for your generation.

  43. Thailand is too good. Its beyond imagination. Thank you so much Norma for sharing such awesome pics. I appreciate your great effort.

  44. Norma, again you demonstrate how to extract even more wealth of knowledge from an experience. I have such faith in your decisions. You are a very wise woman.

  45. Norma I love that you came away with a (potentially) unexpected gift: the exposure to Thailand’s alternative medicines. So super cool! I love that you’re open to them, too. Seems like it will make you a better nurse!

  46. Norma, you are amazing!!! I miss our Thai family! Great reflection!

  47. Nice reflection Norma! For other readers I also was part of the Thailand cohort. This was such a great part of the experience. Thank you for sharing this perspective, I loved it.

  48. What an artfully written reflection of your Thailand experience! Thank you for sharing your adventure and the cultural beauty you found while there.

  49. Thank you for sharing your personal encounter with this near-death experience. That must have been incredibly frightening! I think it is so humbling and sobering to realize how fragile life is. As nursing students I know we value what we are learning academically, but sometimes it is our life experience that shapes us toward becoming the best nurses. We have the opportunity to let our past, our hurts and our experiences mold us into empathetic, compassionate people who value life and care deeply for others around us. It sounds like you are doing just that!

  50. Thanks a lot !



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