Sarah Voye

I grew up in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA, where I studied Rehabilitation Science and Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh.  When I wasn’t in school I enjoyed working as an ER tech and research assistant, as well as volunteering in the city.

I moved to Portland over a year ago to attend PA school at OHSU.  I’ve enjoyed experiencing the program, city, and new people.  With the first year under my belt I am enjoying the challenges that the second year holds.  I am building my knowledge base and developing clinical skills with each rotation.  I have enjoyed working in tandem with medical professionals and students in other disciplines along my educational journey.   After graduation I hope to become involved in community/population-based health initiatives in addition to clinical work.  I look forward to the rest of my training and soon joining the ranks!

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  1. Hi Sara,

    I hope this is an okay medium to openly ask questions and communicate. I’m contacting you because of your interest in “community/population-based health initiatives.”

    I’m currently interviewing at PA programs across the country. I am very interested in PA/MPH programs. However, without the dual degree option OHSU is still my first choice for many reasons.

    As a second year PA student, can you talk about your experience with community/population health initiatives, particularly as a student of OHSU’s PA program? I’d also like to hear your thoughts about employment in this field as a PA. I like the idea of being involved in public health as a practicing PA-C. Does this combination exist for fresh graduates?


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