Kirsten Kuhn

I grew up in northwestern Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, I majored in Social Welfare and Environmental Studies, and I was also a member of our varsity rowing team. After graduation, I moved to the mountains of Colorado to ski, bike, and trail run to my heart’s content. Over several years as a part-time student and medical assistant, I completed the pre-requisites necessary to land a spot here at OHSU. I feel very lucky to be a part of this incredible academic community. I am very much looking forward to clinical rotations next year, and hope to work in orthopedics and sports medicine after graduation.

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  1. Hey Kristen,
    As a fellow Wisconsinite, snowboarder, and mountain biker applying to OHSU can you provide me with any advice on applying to the PA program? I am putting the finishing touches on my application for the program beginning in 2015. I currently work in sports medicine in Appleton, WI as an athletic trainer so we have some very similar interests! I have yet to visit Oregon but I have been to Washington and love the Pacific Northwest!

  2. Hi Jessica! Congrats on deciding on PA school–it’s a wild ride, but you’ll love it. I’m happy to send some info your way; shoot me an email at


  3. Hi Kristen, I am looking to start my prerequisite courses to apply to PA school. Like you I have a BA in Environmental studies and have spent the last few years exploring the mountains except mine are in WA. Do you have any advice for me as I work through my prerequisite courses?

  4. Hi Kristen!

    I am a native Coloradoan and am also a fellow lover of all sports mountain and more! I am currently wrapping up my prerequisites and PA application for OHSU beginning in 2016 and since it is one of my top choices I was hoping you would have some insight into the application process and any tips you may be able to give me to improve my chances of getting in. Thanks!

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