Jenna Cerny

A few fun facts before the intro…I’m 26 years old and the oldest of 3 sisters. I find joy in musical theatre and less than sophisticated jokes. And, I can usually be counted on to give a completely honest opinion, even when it’s not the most tactful delivery. I grew up in southern Oregon before moving to the Midwest with my family at age 13. I spent almost a decade there and I will always have a place in my heart for the Black Hills of South Dakota and the freezer otherwise known as Minnesota! However, Oregon is my home and I much prefer rain to snow unless I’m boarding down a mountain. So, I made my way back here and spent over 2 years on the Oregon coast utilizing my social work degree as a caseworker with Child Welfare. I made the decision to attend nursing school last June and moved to Portland to finish pre-requisites and apply to OHSU’s accelerated nursing program. Now I find myself in my first week of that program!

There are so many areas of nursing that appeal to me and while I feel a strong pull towards pediatric oncology due to my love of working with children and families; I also have a huge interest in the emergency department and global health, among others! I am trying to keep my mind open to all of the possibilities that this career path may hold. I am already so inspired by the nursing journeys shared with me by my professors this week, and by the stories of my peers and what led them to nursing. I have always loved the power of stories, both the true and the fictional. I find myself excited to share some of my own story through this blog. I hope that parts of it will touch you in some way, whether that be through a shared experience, a laugh, inspiration, a means of learning, or just a momentary escape from your own world into mine.

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