Christie Pizzimenti

If you told me growing up that at some point in my life I’d live in Oregon I wouldn’t have believed it. I grew up just outside New York City, went to college in DC, then moved to Boston…so needless to say I was an East-Coast-city-kind-of-person. And Oregon just seems so random. But here I am. 

After graduating from college I joined a PhD program in upstate New York and was only there for one year; I hated it, I left it, I took a job in Boston. Three years later I reapplied to graduate school with a much clearer awareness of what I needed from a graduate program and with a much better sense of what was required of me. I moved to Portland to pursue my Ph.D. in  the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience. There, I study the neurobiology that underlies learning and memory, especially those mechanisms involved in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorders. Besides brains I get a big kick out of traveling all over the place to anywhere possible, wearing flip flops, spending all my money on concert tickets, and pretending I’m British when speaking to people I’ll never see again. 

And, you know, I really like it here.

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