Spencer Watson, Graduate Student

Research Week wrap up

Last week saw OHSU’s first Research Week, a whole week dedicated to guest speakers, poster sessions, and presentations from all different fields here at OHSU.  A chance for all the researchers here on the hill to see what other work is being done, and an opportunity to highlight the importance of the research community as a whole.  Obviously as a PMCB grad student I think every week should be research week, since I can’t imagine … Read More

Opportunities in translation

One of the many challenges of starting a career in research is finding a successful path early on.  There’s no use putting the entire course of your life on track to be the worlds greatest Phrenologist or VCR repair man, you want to pick a field that’s going to be around in 5 years.  Or better yet, choose a field that wont even exist for five years, and be one of the first to make the big … Read More

Staying sane

Lets not kid ourselves about why we have so many holidays around this time of the year, it’s because we fracking need it.  This is a bleak and stressful time of the year, and now more than ever we all need a release.  Take it from the perspective of that lowliest of God’s creatures, the grad student.  You’re still shell shocked from midterms, finals are just around the corner, you’re running out of time in your lab … Read More

Scary science and involuntary urination

Happy All Hallows Eve witch’ez! To celebrate the most important holiday of the year (after Waffle Day on March 25th of course), I thought I’d share some of scariest stories from the world of research. Of course there’s plenty of fodder for this in the fictional realm, with your Frankensteins, Mothras, and your less popular Mansquitos, but the true stories of horror are far more compelling and terrifying. First up is research that isn’t so … Read More

At a medium pace

This week marked my very first week of grad school.  Huzzah, I guess.  I should probably feel excited or stressed, maybe exhausted or perilously sober, but who has the time to feel anything?  Right now I’m just busy.  Very. Very. Busy.  I knew that this was a challenging program going into it, but I can’t say I was entirely prepared for the break neck pace of it all.  Classes, studying, lab work, more studying, journal … Read More

New Fish

In the name of thinly veiled narcissism, I thought I’d make my first post about me. Hi, I’m Spencer. I’m a new student at OHSU entering the PMCB graduate program in the fall.  While I’m new to the program, I’ve actually been doing research here at OHSU for ten years.  I’ve been an intern, a lab tech, a senior research assistant, and even had a short stint delivering pizzas here, so I know my way … Read More



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