Finding balance through racing

OHSU StudentSpeak is pleased to present this guest post from Cymon Kersch, an M.D./Ph.D. student in the OHSU School of Medicine and recent qualifier for the 2017 triathlon world championships. This is a little story of how I got hooked on triathlons last summer. After racing locally, I competed at the USAT age-group national championships for the Olympic distance triathlon and qualified for the 2017-triathlon world championships. People have asked if I ever thought I … Read More

Fertile ground for deep roots

Why am I here? I came to OHSU, those many moons ago, because I wanted to be a scientist. I was taught since childhood that “knowledge is the wings wherewith we fly to heaven,” and Science was my passion (that was Shakespeare, by the way). To be a scientist, I needed a Ph.D., and I thought OHSU would be the best place to complete a Ph.D. I never intended to become a student leader, yet … Read More

5 weeks in Africa

This summer I spent 5 weeks in Africa with an organization called Work the World as a volunteer nursing student.  The first part of my time there was spent working in the Emergency Department in a government funded hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Going there I thought I was going to help make a change and help educate people, the truth is what really changed was me; I was the benighted one in this new world … Read More

Doing one thing well

As we struggle to finish up our Fall quarter I am sure it leaves many of us feeling that we didn’t do anything well today, this week, or this quarter. We forgot to go back and see a patient, we didn’t call a friend back, we missed an deadline. Why is this? For me it is that I fall into the trap of trying to do too many things simultaneously, I over commit, I make … Read More

The first days are the hardest days?

This article is about growing older. Today is my birthday, so this feels like an appropriate topic. With each year that passes, the tasks we are responsible for are altered. This is especially true in medical education, which is filled with a number of landmark exams, clinical experiences, a residency match, and a few graduations. Eventually (hopefully) you get to the top of the totem pole and are a real life, do-it-yourself-without-supervision attending physician, but … Read More

From Palau 1: I arrive to Palau!

This summer, Inger is working with the Health Policy and Research Department at the Ministry of Health on the island of Paluu. She will blog about her experience here at OHSU StudentSpeak. Learn more about Palau here. EPISODE 1: I arrive to Palau! Alii and greetings from Palau! After a one-day delay (…rookie mistake: failed to confirm my flight and showed up to PDX to learn my 7:50am flight is now the 7:10am flight. Thanks … Read More



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