Margie Pascual

Mind over matter

First, I should tell you that I have a bias towards the mind and where it emerges from- the brain. I mean c’mon! It’s an emergent system filled with an infinite amount of possible connections. A potential space where one’s personality is kept, yet one’s ability to change is always possible. Life seems teeming with possibilities with the right mindset… right? I had an amazing experience during my neurology rotation. I met excellent residents and … Read More

The heart has its place at the hospital

I have had a number of patients who were very ill in the hospital, with a number of co-morbidities that were so tightly knit that one thing that went wrong dramatically affected multiple organ systems. Most of the patients I followed had poor prognoses that eventually led us to consult Palliative Care. I will never forget a certain patient. He was a big fellow with a big heart and a sharp sense of humor who … Read More

A Different Perspective

“Conceptual knowledge is not enough… you must have the conviction that comes from personal experience.” – quote from The Joy of Living, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche You learn medicine during the first year of PA school from a didactic approach: System after system, disease state after disease state, diagnostic tools, medical therapies, interventions, complications… so many words and pictures. Most of your time is spent in the classroom. In real life, medicine is not linear and … Read More

It’s true – you never forget your first time

I remember a lot of “firsts” in my life, both good and bad- my first crush in 2nd grade, my first dog, Jerry, the first time I upset my father to the point that he would not even speak! (THAT was scary because he is always one to lecture), my first kiss, well… you get the point… yes, many “first” memories. And now I have the privilege to add a new one as a PA … Read More



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