Motivation and the MPH

As an eighth grade student, I picked up the novel “Mountains Beyond Mountains” in preparation for a high school course. The novel, which chronicles the creation of international aid organization Partners In Health, inspired me deeply. It gave great examples of community-based solutions to global health disparities. While discussing the notion of health as a civil right, my middle school instructor challenged students to view this novel through the lens of the United Nations and … Read More

Lessons from Charlotte

One of my favorite stories is EB White‘s Charlotte’s Web. I found myself reading it again recently and even though I know how it ends, I find myself crying every time. By the standards of nursing school, I realize Charlotte’s Web is not tough academic stuff. In that moment, however, my brain enjoyed a break from the rice cakes of professional literature to savor the mind candy of a good book. Charlotte’s Web isn’t really … Read More

A nurse in patient clothing

Nursing students make terrible patients. More specifically, I make a terrible patient.  In my role as a student nurse I am an advocate, a supporter, and a teacher.  This summer, however, the tables got turned and I got the opportunity to be on the other side of the bed-rail.  Being a patient is a familiar role for me, but it is one I do not easily adjust to. As a patient, I got to view … Read More

Potent Presentations – What are they and how can you create one?

By Anjie Raber, Doctoral candidate School of Nursing Hi. My name is Anjie Raber and I am a doctoral candidate here at OHSU School of Nursing. My dissertation work is focused on nursing education – specifically the interaction between faculty and students in the clinical setting. In addition to my doctoral work, I also work as a research associate and this is where I fell in love with evaluation (thank you Tanya!) Both being a … Read More

Lessons from camp

Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer with Camp M.D., a week-long camp sponsored by Southern Oregon University for young students interested in healthcare careers. OHSU SON Ashland participates with this by being mentors and using our skills lab for a two day simulation enabling the students to learn about nursing. Campers are given hands on practice after being taught the basics of priming lines, spiking bags, and setting an IV. I’ll admit I signed … Read More

Shakespeare on nursing

The other day a friend of mine asked me about graduation. I’ve been counting down to graduation since September of 2010. Yet, in that moment, it hit me that my classmates and I are now  incoming seniors. The expected flood of excitement and exhilaration I might have felt in that moment suddenly flew like a lead balloon. Oh… my…word. I am a senior?!!! Nope, check the records again please, because there is no way in … Read More

The technological life of a nursing student

I time traveled to the past the other day. No, really. For a total of 48 hours I was completely without my Smartphone and access to my laptop. I actually had to start this blog with pen and paper, how totally retro is that?  In the incurring frustration of not being able to check Facebook for the latest updates, I began to go a little stir crazy. I went out and stared at my garden. … Read More

The wisdom in perspective gained

“It’s a shame that youth is wasted on the young.”  I heard that phrase often growing up. It was one of my grandfather’s favorite things to say. I remember at 15 feeling indignant that he had so little regard for the talents of my generation. From my perspective, he had always been old, so how could he possibly understand the miraculous inventions of the 1990’s and the youth that would revolutionize the world as he … Read More

1 more year!

To wrap up our junior year my class had a community presentation. The purpose of the presentation was to report our health findings from 10 weeks of gathering primary qualitative data on smaller communities in Klamath County. The report was given to other stakeholders, as well as individuals in these communities. We had 6 speakers representing the 6 different outlying communities. After our presentation, the Director of the Department of Public Health and the CEO … Read More

Welcome to summer break!

I just submitted my last assignment for spring quarter.  This means I’m almost finished with nursing school year 2! It’s amazing to think back to fall quarter and reflect upon HOW much I’ve learned this school year.  I’ve tackled the ever-so-frightening IV insertion, researched countless hours, observed in my community the health needs of school children, and completed numerous other activities.  This year has been a true testament to my commitment to school, as there … Read More



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