Finding the “click”

Well I’ve survived one term of my program and I can happily say that I’m 1/5 of a nurse! I’m excited and nervous to start term #2 and anxious to get into the hospital this time around. I think getting to apply some of our new knowledge in clinical situations is going to teach us so much more than our books ever could by themselves. In thinking about being in the hospital, I’m also thinking … Read More

The Summer of Snacks

Summer vacation is essentially over for me; my children went back to school a few weeks ago and I was ready for them to go.    In October, when the full impact of school, homework, and activities hits, I will wonder what I was thinking.   Right now, however, I am enjoying having more structure to their days.   There are no young kids on our street, so sending my kids outside meant that they would start a … Read More

The competition is over

An anonymous author once said, “It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit. ” To this author I must inquire: were you also a nursing student? On the first day of my nursing school career I met my fellow cohort members (after weeks of reaching out to one another via social media), purchased my nifty new stethoscope, and took a seat in a lecture hall where my … Read More

First lessons in Nursing School

 It’s hard to believe that my first 6 weeks of nursing school are already over! I feel like the amount of information my brain has taken in already is enormous. It’s stressful and exhausting. It’s challenging and so demanding. It is also fun and interesting and I am loving it!  Here is a list of some of the things I have learned so far: 1) I am in the presence of some truly amazing and … Read More

Continue to be extraordinary

  Thanks to Laurel Hallock Koppelman, F.N.P., M.N., a recent family nurse practitoner graduate of the School of Nursing, for sharing her parting words to the FNP 2013 graduating class here. Congratulations to all of the School of Nursing Class of 2013 graduates! Last June, David McCullough, a high school English teacher, made global headlines as he and his speech to graduating seniors went viral on the world-wide web. The striking comment, the one that … Read More

Commencement Post…and Speech!

It’s been such a pleasure to write for the Student Speak blog this year. I am incredibly impressed by the innovative and inspiring words my colleagues present. I thought I’d make my final post one that hopefully seeks to inspire as well, through the unparalleled opportunity I had in addressing students during my own graduation ceremony. Thank you so much… Commencement Speech by Nathaniel Warren, MPH Candidate  There must be some irony in that I’m … Read More

Building myself towards a “culture of public health”

In a “former life” as an emergency preparedness specialist with the Red Cross, part of my job was to educate community members on everyday practices that can support their preparedness for disasters. A suggestion I often cited was, in order to make the task of building a “bug out bag” (emergency items to help you survive) and the magnitude of facing disasters less daunting, creating a “culture of preparedness” is crucial. A few examples for … Read More

Passionate about nursing

I was honored to participate in the OHSU School of Nursing video.  I am passionate and committed to the nursing profession and I am overjoyed to be a part of the one of the best nursing programs in the country.  OHSU offers a strong didactic and clinical education, and I feel prepared and excited to enter the nursing field.  I have loved working with such a diverse and experienced group of colleagues, faculty and precepting … Read More

My Day Through the Lens of Public Health

Unless your workplace is having a snow day or you brought an incredible lunch to look forward to – Mondays tend to be a bit of a bummer. As we all push through the daily grind – I try to revitalize my afternoon with a reminder of how often public health touches our lives each and every day… (Adopted from   6:30 am BUZZ. Wake up and brush my teeth, take a shower and … Read More

I survived ACLS

“Your patient is a 58 year old male presenting with chest pain 8/10, pulse is 190, BP 80/70 and respirations 20,” the instructor said. “Suddenly he snorts and collapses; you see this rhythm. What do you want to do?” I swallowed and looked down at the greyish plastic face of the mannequin and watched as little black lines squiggled their way across the EKG monitor with an impending sense of doom. Somebody call a code, … Read More



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